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UK Flooding Sunday 15th November - Homes Evacuated As Flood Threat Increases

More heavy rain on Sunday morning brings severe flood risk to Cumbria.

More heavy rain on Sunday morning brings severe flood risk to Cumbria.

Over 1000 homes in Kendal, Cumbria, and hundreds more in Egremont, Cumbria, have been evacuated tonight as the threat of severe flooding worsens.

Ex-hurricane Kate is moving over the North of England and Scotland, bringing prolonged heavy rain to a region that is already saturated by recent rain fall. The Environment Agency has issued 122 flood alerts. 19 flood warnings and 12 Severe flood warnings and worned of potential danger to life.

Areas affected by severe flood warnings are all in the North West of England, and include...

  • River Kent at Burneside, Steeles Row and Carling Steps
  • River Kent at Kendal, Castle Cres , Aynam Rd, Lound Rd, Mintsfeet
  • River Kent at Kendal, Busher Walk, Jubilee Field, Sandes Avenue and Mint Bridge Rd
  • River Kent at Kendal, Dockray Hall Rd, Natland Aikrigg Ave, Ann St, Back Lane, Beezon Trad Est
  • River Kent at Kendal, Benson Green, Burneside Rd, Gilthwaite Rigg, and St Johns Ambulance
  • River Kent at Helsington Mills
  • River Ehen at Low Mill
  • River Ehen at Egremont, Beck Green, Bridge End including Ind Park, Croft Terrace, Crosside
  • Wangs Beck at Egremont, Southey Avenue to Beck Side
  • River Ehen at Egremont, Bleach Green, Ennerdale Mill, Springfield Rd, Vale View, Wood Bank
  • Skirting Beck at Egremont, Milton Road to Beck Side
  • Skirting Beck at Egremont, Church View and Beck Side

The Environment agency have warned that flooding of local residential and business properties is a real risk, and issued their most severe warning.

The Met office has increased the number of locations that are included in their Amber Weather Warning area. These now include parts of North East England, North West England, SW Scotland, Lothian Borders, Strathclyde, Wales, Yorkshire & Humber. All other parts of Northern England, Southern Scotland, North Wales and Northern Ireland are included in a less severe Yellow Weather Warning. An assessment by the chief forcaster at the MET office reads...

A strong, moist westerly to southwesterly flow is expected to develop during Saturday and last through most of Sunday before clearing during the evening. This flow is expected to bring a period of heavy and persistent rain, with 50-100 mm of rain falling in many areas. However, around 200 mm may fall across some of the highest ground. This rainfall, falling on to already saturated ground, is likely to lead to further flooding.

There is some uncertainty in the exact locations of the heaviest rainfall, as well as peak amounts; this will depend on how far north the frontal system moves and how long it remains aligned across any one area. For this reason, the warning will be kept under review over the weekend.

The public are advised to keep up to date with local weather forecasts, and to use the Environment Agency website to keep up to date with flood alerts and warnings.