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Glastonbury Festival 2017 Weather Forecast - Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th June 2017


Glastonbury Festival 2017 kicks off on Wednesday the 21st June and goes on until Sunday the 25th June.  The weather forecast for all 5 days is looking fantastic, there will be no torrential rain and mud baths this year.  The most likely day for any rain will be Friday 23rd, and the Hottest day will be Wednesday the 21st.

As the heatwave that has been with us for the last few days shows signs of cooling down a little, Glastonbury Festival 2017 goers will enjoy pleasant weather, not too hot, not too cold, and with a only a small chance of some light showers later in the week.

Wednesday the 21st will be by far the hottest day, with temperatures reaching as high as 30c in the afternoon. Festival goers are advised to use suitable sun protection on his day.

Thursday the 22nd will be a lot cooler with temperatures peaking at around 22c in the afternoon. There is a small chance of light rain showers in the early hours of the morning.

Friday the 23rd is likely to be a lot cloudier, with temperatures reaching a lower 18c in the afternoon. There is a chance of a few spots of rain at any time of the day on Friday, with the highest probability of rain in the afternoon. Chance of rain on Friday is around 20%.

Saturday the 24th will be a pleasant day, with temperatures again reaching 18c in the afternoon. It's set to be a little less cloudy on Saturday, with less change of rain.

The final day of Glastonbury Festival 2017 is Sunday the 25th June.  A little warmer on Sunday with temperatures reaching 19c in he afternoon, but still quite overcast. Probability of rain at any time on Sunday is around 10%.

From the team here at, we hope you enjoy Glastonbury Festival 2017, and remember, if you are at the festival on Wednesday, be sure to use adequate sun protection.