UK Storm 21st October 2014 - Ex Hurricane Gonzalo Hits The UK - Pictures

Ex Hurricane Gonzalo has arrived in the UK this morning (21st October), bringing disruption to travel, triggering flood warnings and alerts, and bringing a number of trees down.

Winds of 70mph have been recorded in Wales and the Isle of Whight, and gust of 50 - 60mph hour widely all over the UK. The MET office has a Yellow weather warning in force covering the whole of the UK, and this remains in force until 8 pm tonight.

The MET office warning reads...

Gales, and more locally severe gales, are expected to affect much of the country on Tuesday, and this update extends the warning across southern counties. Gusts of 40-50, locally more than 50 mph are likely inland, with 60 to 70 mph gusts in some exposed coastal areas, locally higher on hills and headlands.

The public should be aware of the potential for disruption to travel and possible damage to trees. This is a further update of the warning first issued on Saturday.

Many mare trees have fallen victim to the storm....

There are currently 13 flood alerts and 1 flood warning in force across the UK. The more severe flood warning is for Norfolk Coast at Walcott, from Sea View and Watch House Lane in Keswick to Horizon View in Ostend, where high winds in combination with a tidal surge are bringing a flood risk to properties are at Sea View, Ann Stannard Way, Keswick Way, Walcott Road in Keswick. The Coast Road, St Helen's Road, Helena Road, Poplar Drive, Archibald Drive, Lynton Road, The Crescent and Ostend Place in Walcott. Seaview Crescent, Ostend Gap, Ostend Road and Horizon Views in Ostend.

For more information about flood alerts and warnings across the UK, visit the Environment agency website.

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Sahara Storm Brings Fine Sand / Dust To Southern UK - 31st March - 1st April 2014

Shara Dust Storm

Sahara storm brings fine sand and dust to parts of the UK.

Motorist in many parts of the UK woke up on the 31st March 2014 to find their cars covered in a thin film of dust. Many people have also reported a thin film of dust on the windows of their homes.

Southerly winds from north Africa brought the fine sand over southern England after it was swept up in a desert storm late last week.

Paul Hutcheon, Deputy Chief Forecaster at the Met Office, told the Met Office...

We usually see this happen several times a year, particularly in summer when you get these big dust storms in the western Sahara and the southerly winds to bring that dust here.Paul Hutcheon, Deputy Chief Forecaster at the Met Office

The Met Office has forecast the highest level of air pollution (10 - 10) for parts of the South on Tuesday the 1st and Wednesday the 2nd April.

The fine sand and dust moves over the country in our clouds, and just a little light rain is all it takes to bring the dust down on to our cars and property. Showers on Monday and Tuesday are likely to see many parts of the south, and even Wales and Northern Ireland, affected.

Amber And Yellow Weather Warnings For The South West - Friday 24th January 2014

The Met Office have issued severe weather alerts for the South West of England on Friday 24th January.

There is an Amber weather alert of rain for Somerset, in force until 23:45 on the 24th. Although bands of rain have temporarily eased, further rain later on Friday is likely to bring totals to between 10 - 20mm. With water levels already exceptionally high, the public should be prepared for further risk of floods.

For the rest of the South West of England, a Yellow severe weather warning of rain is in force. Again, further rain later on Friday is likely to further increase water levels and bring further risk of flooding.