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Isle Of Wight Festival 2015 Weather Forecast - Severe Weather Warning

Yellow severe weather warning of rain for Friday at the 2015 Isle of Wight Festival.

Yellow severe weather warning of rain for Friday at the 2015 Isle of Wight Festival.

The Isle of Wight festival gets under way today and it looks like festival goers will be treated to glorious sunshine, all day long, with temperatures reaching as high at 26°C by mid afternoon. There will be a fairly strong Easterly wind, with gusts of up to 19mph, but generally a perfect start to the festival weather wise.

On day 2 of the festival (12th June) it will be a very different day. Still very warm, but light rain showers will be a feature, and the possibility of heavier rain and severe thunderstorms. There is also a possibility of a more organised band of heavy rain and thunderstorms by Friday evening and overnight into Saturday, bringing 25 to 50 mm of rain more widely. The Met Office have a Yellow severe weather warning in force for Friday in the South east of England.

Saturday early morning could start off very wet, although there is a chance thunderstorms and rain will have moved north by now. It will certainly be a cloudy morning, but any rain and cloud will pass by mid day, leaving a sunny but cooler afternoon, with temperatures reaching around 18°C.

Sunday the 14th, the last day of the 2015 Isle of Wight festival, will be day of mixed cloud and sunshine, with a small chance of a shower or two in the late afternoon. Temperatures will reach around 20°C by mid day.

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