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Weather Warning For The South East - Sunday 29th August

yellow warning

Map showing the area affected by Sundays weather warning.

The Met office have issued a Yellow weather warning of rain for Sunday 29th of August, for London and the South East of England.

The warning reads...

A frontal system, currently developing near the Azores, is expected to push northeast towards the UK later on Saturday, then becoming slow-moving across the southeast on Sunday. Ripples of energy running along the front will give rise to organised showers or more prolonged periods of rain. Furthermore, thunderstorms which are likely to develop across northern France may come north into the warning area, leading to some torrential downpours.

30-50 mm of rain is possible in the warning area, with locally as much as 25 mm falling in a few hours. Added to the heavy rainfall this area has experienced over the last week, some issues from standing water or very localised flooding are possible.

This is a very complex development, and the warning area, as well as warning period, may well be updated as confidence in developments increase.

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